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I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever. I've been too busy doing other things. But, I do have *something* to show for the two months of nothingness. Here, go see my projects page, which is where I'll put everything I am trying to work on but can't. Have fun checking it out. I'm also working on a Super Mario 64 page, and I put up my Qlaŋga lexicon and grammar - it's a new language I've been working on. Also, I've been thinking of making a database of speedruns, that might be up soon.


Y'know, school's starting soon. I probably won't update that much because I'm taking *cough Calculus II cough* some pretty advanced math and I'll probably have lots of homework, it being tenth grade an' all.

But anyway, I've got some stuff for now. I've been thinking alot about the Biography section of the page, and it's going to have all the weird info I know. 2nd: I finished the Googol News page! Yaa, yaa, woohoo! (sorry 'bout that.) It took quite a while. I've got stories and nice images and stuff. Go check it out. Doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed... go now. NEway, have fun! Or not. I don't really care, actually. It's not like you go to my site anyway. I bet you go here like once a month, maybe. To top that off, my stupid hit counter isn't working, so I can't tell if I'm just getting a false impression.

Do you really want to know what I've been doing over the last while and a half? No, you don't, do you... Oh well, I'll tell you anyway. I've been downloading tons of videos of people doin' games really really really good. How much is 'tons', you ask? Well, that would be approximately 6.48 Gigabytes, or 6,961,865,365 bytes in 367 nice files. All in one folder. The biggest one is *drumroll please* 621,346 KB, the size of a DVDripped movie, of Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. They are really fun to watch. Insanely fun to watch. Links coming very very soon...


No, I haven't been doing absolutely nothing over the last week. I've been doing a little on that racing game (I've got it reading levels from a file, now I just have to make it playable) and the Games section is coming along very nicely. I've got 4 games so far, and that's pretty good in a week - I've got images of every item and enemy. My plan is that the Games section will have 4 menus (Games, Bios, Manuals, and FAQ) each of which will lead to more menus. When I have finished Super Mario Bros. 3 (my next game on the list) I'll do all that. Oh yeah, and I made the homepage for the HTML section of Programming, so that should work now. Say hi to Googol!!


It's been a month. I suppose you're expecting a really big, nice update, right? Wrong. My dad's friend Ed runs the server, and he messed something up which took approximately 3 weeks to fix. During that time, I didn't update, because I was doing other stuff, but I couldn't anyway because I didn't have access to the site's innards. Ah well.

But there have been some things that are assuredly coming soon. First: I'm thinking of making a racing game. That might be fun. Second: I'm going to update the Text Editor with some extra randomness. Third: A friend has informed me she's finished 2DLand, so her levels ought to be up soon, along with my guide to making good levels. Fourth: I updated the games page, but only with the lists of games. Soon, I'll make a page for each game as well as one for each important character, but for now you'll have to wait. Fifth: I'm going to post my FAQs from GameFAQs (along with some ones that didn't make it). All that stuff is coming. Just you wait.


I made CatchBall a little better today. Now, you can turn down the chance to appear on the high score list (if you want to, that is) and you can skip levels. In case anyone cares, there are two variables for your score, the real score and the score that is displayed, and whenever you skip to a different level your real score is set to negative one million, thus preventing you from getting on the high score list. Try it!


As Text Encrypter 3 didn't work, I edited it so it did. Yay! It works now!! Everyone's happy. What have I been doing? I have been working on FAQs for GameFAQs.


I didn't update the site, but I'm in the process of working on the Games page. E-mail me if you want any specific information to be put in it. I will have a separate page (hopefully) for each Mario, Link, Kirby, etc. game that has been produced, and maybe some other notable games, along with trivia and other stuff. By the way, I'm going to be uploading some stuff into secret folders on my website that you can only access from the ftp. It's more of a backup for my computer than anything; please don't download any of this stuff unless I give you permission to because I only have limited bandwidth and these files are quite literally gigantic.


Today, I threw together a few hours of programming and made Dodge-4, which you can find on the VB page. Try to get a high score! I think it's fun; today's best scores are 516 for 2-Way and 210 for 4-Way.


A few things have been done. First, I've updated the Calculator so you can have operations with only one number. Second, I've added some stuff to the Languages page: Goldilocks Revisited, a Complete List of 2-Letter Words and Abbreviations (which is actually not complete) and a Complete List of Metric Feet. Also, I added PROBLAB to the Calculator games text file. Soon I'm going to have to give those games as downloadables. By the way, I've begun to put some game ROMs in a secret directory; if anyone wants some they can e-mail me and, given a suitable reason, I will give them the link to what they're looking for.


School's finally over! (well, just this year...) Today, nothing much, except that I added Calculator to the main list of programs and put the old news in a separate file. The past two are still here on this time for the time being, however. Note well: the second news will have the same Law as this one.

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