9th Grade News


It appears that the menu did not work very well as a result of the recent change. I've found a better way to do it. By the way, most of the graphics are being changed into .png, so if your browser is unable to use them you'll have to use a different browser. Sorry.


It's been quite a while, I realize. Anyway, I've done a few things on the web site to change it. First, I've changed the menu, and fixed it so it looks very slightly better. Second, I fixed a tiny grammar error on the Links page (I doubt anyone noticed it, but oh well). In the menu, I've lumped together all programming into the 'Programming' category; I also disabled the menu items that don't lead anywhere for the time being.


I've decided that I should probably leave up the 2-D Land green title. I'm going to put some images up there as well, later. I've redone the Languages title page, and I'm working on the Games page. The Games and TI 83+ pages now work from the menu.


I realize it's been a week since I updated, but I'm still working on those two-letter words. I'm going to add some more stuff on the language page too eventually, and finish the site, but I haven't been doing anything much because 2-D Land is finally done!!! The site has been changed to a 2-D Land sort of theme for a week because of this.


Changed the menus in the 2-D Level Editor to make it a bit more friendly. Before it would overwrite your file without notice, now at least you get a nice little Message Box. Also, added a few more levels to the 2-D Land levelset.


What have I been doing in the past five days? Working on a complete list of all two-letter words. When it is completed or near completion I plan to rework the Language page to have bullet points and the like. I fixed a major bug or three in 2-D Land; I can start making more levels know, and I probably will.


Added some more Laws to the Language pages and the 404 Error Page. Also, made another VB page with a more complete game listing.


Created the first rudimentary Language page. It should now work on the menu. There are things on Gaxtal (my new language) and fOneDiks (a phonetic system) there; eventually there will be poetry, articles, lessons for learning things, and other such stuff.


Added ANOTHER game (MGVG) to the VB page. Where do I get all these games? Actually, I have about thirty to fifty 80%-finished games that I'd like to put on the web but that aren't done. Also, added Text Encrypter 2 and a fixed version of Text Encrypter 3.


Fixed up some old games - Yahtzee and Yahtsix - and added them in on the visual basic page. Added POPULAT to the calculator page.


Made the 404 Error page, and the image there. Added some other calculator programs (DODGE, BLACK, IRRPOW, PIXELMOVE, VECLAB).


ANOTHER MAJOR UPDATE! Changed the ENTIRE layout of the site so it has frames. Saved dozens of kilobytes of space, and made website look more elegant; also eliminated some problems regarding website construction.


MAJOR UPDATE! Fixed any & all menu problems; changed the title image; completed the links page; some other stuff.


Changed the layout of the site (but only by increasing the menu...)


Added my Calculator Programs site; you can now e-mail me if you would like.


Changed vb page with smaller images and menu.


Updated site! Finishing entire design soon.


Added Minesweeper Logic, Monkey Race, and a few other games.

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