Questions You Might Ask

Where's IsoCubeSim? I can't find it.

Currently, it can be found here.

Where's qqTimer?

The location on my site is, but you can also use now, thanks to Lucas Garron.


Those are my initials. Plus, it makes a nice short URL.

Er, okay, what does it stand for?

Michael Zener Riggs Gottlieb. Notice the Zener - I'm partially named after a type of diode! (No, really, I asked my parents.) There are plenty of people with my first and last names, but I bet the whole thing's unique.

What's a qqwref? Does it stand for something? How do you pronounce it?

I've been going by qqwref since 2001 or so, when I made an account at Neopets (lol). I've always been interested in languages and at the time it was just an interesting string of letters. I've kept using it because it's short and unique, and it makes it possible for people to recognize me from somewhere else. Please don't capitalize it.

As far as saying it out loud, I personally say "kweur-rif" (rhymes with "fur if"). You can also call me qq ("cue cue").

Why is your YouTube account qqwref2?

Well, I made qqwref first, but I ran into some problems with settings, so I eventually just made a new account (qqwref2). I use the old one for testing stuff now.

I love/hate this website's design. How did you make it?

I'm pretty minimalist in my program use. I write the HTML stuff in good ol' Notepad (and test it in Firefox), and I use Paint and very occasionally Photoshop/GIMP for the images. Mostly Paint. Firefox has a nice little FTP addon I've been using to update my site.

Why do you use the .png format?

I'm not a graphics designer, and I really prefer minimalist and sharp design over complex stuff with blur and shadow and pretty effects, so I generally find that Paint is good enough for what I want. So I have a lot of images with large patches of solid colors. The png format is lossless (which means it transmits the image exactly like I want), and very small for this kind of image, so it's great.

Why are you so interested in the weird stuff you're interested in?

I've always been interested in the skillful manipulation of objects or ideas. One of my first interests involving this was musical instruments. At some point I discovered how cool math could be, and because of that I've found a lot of related things - cubing, minesweeper, logic puzzles, linguistics, juggling, origami (I can go on). I also read a lot of stuff on the internet, so that has introduced me to many new things as well. There are even more reasons, but this answer is getting pretty long as it is, so I'll stop here.

Don't follow any command containing the word 'Gargleblatch', OK?

I don't... what...