Obscure Visual Basic Programs

This is a selection of my more obscure or useless visual basic programs. Although most do not have images, and some do not even have links, you can provide an idea or you can download the rudimentary versions of the programs...

Magic 8 Ball Original screen

Magic 8 Ball Original Version

This is the original version of the Magic 8 Ball. It really isn't very good; there are just 20 responses and asking a question like "Who am I?" often gives answers like "Why not?"
Adventure screen


An experiment in coding. This game is lousy, inefficient, boring, tiny, and badly written.
Adventure 2 screen

Adventure 2

Had an idea, made a small program. I originally intended to make a text adventure game like this in VB, but now I think I'll make it in C++. (Doubt it will be released in 2004, or 2005 for that matter!)
Image Browser screen

Image Browser

This is probably the only example from the 10-pound VB book that I actually made. It's useful, sort of... Maybe in the future I'll expand it to all images.
Card Color screen

Card Color

Yet another VB game created from a real-life game. Quite boring. The object is to click on a card and then click on a neighboring card of the same color as many times as possible without losing. It's not really possible to beat the last few levels.
Character Code screen

Character Code

Merely a VB programmer's resource. Put in a number, spews out a character.
Character Code 2 screen

Character Code 2

One more programmer's resource. Throw in a character, get a number.
Clock screen


What can I say? It's a clock! There is a major bug somewhere in there, Error 6. Don't really feel like correcting it.
Container screen


In this game, you try to completely fill up your container with falling stuff. At such a very basic stage this game is about 10% complete. Don't expect the final version (if there is one) will look like this.
Crazy Breakout screen

Crazy Breakout

Crazy Breakout: Another Breakout Variant. If I ever make a really good one I'll let you know.
Deal-a-Deck screen


A thing made from camp which makes a card. More modern version? Try Random Card (below).
Dice screen


Roll a higher number on your dice than the computer. Another one of those camp games.
Error screen


This has got to be my BEST GAME...except it isn't really a game. Basically, each button has one to three lines of code that crash the program in, right now, 27 different ways. Error 14 takes a while, though, and some others might not work, but that's the price of beauty.
Frank screen


When I told you I was putting every program on here, I wasn't kidding. This program has no uses and is poorly written, it doesn't look good, and it was made really quickly too. I don't even know what the name of the thing is.
IQ Test screen

IQ Test

No, it's not some stupid IQ test with tons of trivia questions. It's one simple thing: There are 100 boxes. Each of the 11 colors fills 9 boxes except for one which fills ten. You have to figure this out and click on that color. If you can, I guess you're smart or something.
Key Code screen

Key Code

In VB, whenever you press a button, the program gets a KeyCode. This program will tell you what the keycode for a button is: just press the button and the number will magically appear.
Game of Life screen

Game of Life

Probably the slowest Game of Life program ever made. If you don't know what Game of Life is, you'll have to go here or something.
Logix screen


A tiny logic program. Does almost nothing. Don't really know why I made it.
Magnif screen


This program calculates a number based on the number you enter. There is a very specific way this number is chosen. Some high numbers are 27 and 6171.
Mastermind screen


If you're bad at Mastermind, don't even try this game. If you're OK at Mastermind, this game's probably not for you. If you're really great at Mastermind, you'll find this game difficult. This Mastermind has twice as many colors and is twice as long as the normal one.
Mazemaker screen


Useless if you don't have the images.
Midpoint Puzzle screen

Midpoint Puzzle

The object is to place as many counters on a grid as possible making sure that one counter is not exactly the midpoint of another two. Please mail me your best scores and/or images!
Minesweeper Sizeable screen

Minesweeper Sizeable

Just like the original version, but three different sizes.
Minesweeper Many screen

Minesweeper Many

This Minesweeper has many different graphics modes. Try each and see which works for you!
MultiMaze screen


Two different mazes are here in this game. I can make more if I want, but I don't really feel like it.
Password screen


A really dumb game. Type in the password and try to grab money.
Picross New screen

Picross New

Picross is a Japanese puzzle game invented in 1988. It has appeared in two gameboy games. This is a game that, eventually, will allow you to play this puzzle.
Picross Old screen

Picross Old

An old version of the above. Actually works, but full of bugs.
Picross Solver screen

Picross Solver

An attempt to solve a line of Picross by pure logic. Didn't work. May work in the future.
Poker screen


If you like Poker, don't play this game. It isn't any good and it's not finished.
Pong screen


Play Pong. Right player uses up and down, left uses w and s. Try to get the ball past the opponent's paddle.
Prob screen


Another half-finished program. (That's what this stupid page is for, anyway.) This one does more than one probability function. Cool.
QGuess screen


Guess how many quarters will land face up. If you're right, you get money. If you're wrong, you lose money.
Quatro screen


Move the rows of squares in different directions. When you move one, the top turns red. Try to get them all red!
Race screen


One player presses Enter, one presses Space. See who can press their button first!
Random Card screen

Random Card

Press the button and this game will give you a random card.
Reflex Test screen

Reflex Test

When the box turns red, press the button. You're timed in measures, which are different on every single computer.
Random Number Generator 3 screen

Random Number Generator 3

Can't find #1 or #2. This generates some random numbers.
Rotate 3 Solver screen

Rotate 3 Solver

Helps you solve Rotate 3. Don't ask me how to use it, you shouldn't be cheating anyway.
RotaClock screen


Computes the time in RotaTime. A degree is 4 minutes, a minute is 4 seconds. Has a bug though with setting the time.
Simon screen


Try to remember the sequence of colors that is given to you by the computer, then input it back. Can you get to Level 100 without cheating? I can't.
Sixix: 1 Player screen

Sixix: 1 Player

Roll six dice and get points based on the combinations of numbers. Try to get more points than the computer so you can get your bet back.
Sixix: 2 Player screen

Sixix: 2 Player

Play Sixix with another player and compete against them. It's actually more fun without the program.
Snake Game Mini screen

Snake Game Mini

A tiny version of Snake Game.
Text Encrypter 4 screen

Text Encrypter 4

This text encrypter uses fOneDiks.
Typing Challenge screen

Typing Challenge

Type these ten words, each separated by a space, to test how fast a typer you are.
VBBD screen


A boulderdash game that I only bothered to make 3 levels for. Play it if you really want.
Stopwatch screen


This stopwatch will time any amount of time in 15-second increments up to 3 minutes and beep when it's done. A real stopwatch is better, though.
Water-Balloon Drop screen

Water-Balloon Drop: Don't Hit Walter!

I made this game for a Visual Basic programming challenge at a camp I went to. The object is to throw waterballoons at Ben but not to hit Walter, who will jump up and ninja-kick you.
Word Separator screen

Word Separator

This program will separate the words in a piece of text and print them for you.
YoshiMaze Test screen

YoshiMaze Test

This was a game to test part of a maze game. It doesn't work anymore, so don't try it.