Visual Basic Programs

These are my visual basic programs. Enjoy them! This is a listing of my finished or mostly finished programs. It is NOT, by any means, a complete listing. The more obscure or less useful programs can be found here - but be warned that there are few images and that some programs don't have links.

If you'd like to tell me how much you like or dislike these programs, or if you'd like the source code (for educational purposes only, of course) then you can e-mail me.

2-D Land screen

2-D Land Basic Module

This is the installation package for 2-D Land; extract it to a folder and run setup.exe. 2-D Land is a top-down 2-D game where you solve puzzles in order to complete levels. The game will ask you for the levelset, 2dland.txt, and then you must find the levelset and open it. There is a tutorial in the game, but if you want a more complete tutorial / strategy guide you can go here.
2-D Land Level Editor screen

2-D Land Level Editor

The 2-D Land Level Editor was originally created so I could spend less time making the levels. Once you beat 2-D Land, it will give you the link to the level editor. You can't download it here!
3DiNoCro screen


3DiNoCro is a game invented by my friend Effie, who lives in the Netherlands. It is a three-dimensional variation on the game Noughts and Crosses (also known as Tic-Tac-Toe) where the object is to get as many four-in-a-rows as possible.
Breakout screen


This is a version of the common Breakout type of game which I made at a summer computer day camp. I made a few modifications to my liking, of course. See Super Breakout and Ultra Breakout.
Calculator screen


Calculator is, well, a calculator. The box has the four basic operations, but you can select from the menu to get more different ones. If one of the input boxes has the percent symbol in it, it will be filled with the previous answer.
Catch the Balls screen

Catch the Balls

Catch the Balls is a game that I programmed after having some fun trying to catch a couple of rolling ball bearings that were falling off a table. As you get higher in levels, the balls get faster and there are more of them.
Click Me screen

Click Me

I made Click Me to test how fast I could click. I can click more than 7.5 times a second, can you?
Click Me 2 screen

Click Me 2

Click Me 2 is a game related to Click Me, but instead of clicking a stationary button you must follow the randomly spaced and sized buttons around the board. A score of 100 clicks in a minute is considered a good score.
Der FingerHurter screen

Der FingerHurter

Der FingerHurter is a sort of contest to press the button 360 times in a minute (and therefore make the light blue cursor go around the circle.)
Dodge-4 screen


I threw this together after a few hours' work. Dodge the red circles by moving your little green square with your arrow keys. Use Enter to pause the game. Dodge-4 stores your high scores!
Hangman screen


Hangman is an adaptation of the classic Hangman game, where you try to guess the letters in a word and lose if you guess too many wrong letters. You can download the 200 Animals hangman file, the Countries of the World hangman file, or the Original hangman file, which you must download; copy them directly to your C drive.
Magic 8 Ball screen

Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball resembles a normal Magic 8 Ball - you ask it a question and it responds with a needlessly vague answer. In this version, the 8 Ball responds to the first part of the question to produce over 50 different responses.
MGVG screen


MGVG stands for Michael Gottlieb's VB Game. I made this game in the summer of 2003 in a camp called SummerTech. A group of kids were using a program that would help them make video games the easy way, so I decided to program this to prove that that program wasn't nearly the best way to make games. Recently I added some more code and four more levels - check it out.
Minesweeper screen

Minesweeper Original

This was a simple version of Minesweeper that I made at a camp. It is extremely simple.
Minesweeper DX screen

Minesweeper DX

Minesweeper DX is a clone of the Windows Minesweeper game, with the Windows 98 images. This was my first experiment with resource files (files that contain all the images you will use) and has a best scores system.
Minesweeper DX 2 screen

Minesweeper DX 2

Minesweeper DX 2 is a (slight) improvement over Minesweeper DX, in that you can choose from five different modes of play. The different modes are different ways the squares will recognize mines. Adjacent is easier than Normal; Super Adjacent and Super Normal are a bit harder; and Super Sweeper is so difficult you should play on an Expert-sized grid with just 30 to 40 mines.
Minesweeper Logic screen

Minesweeper Logic

Minesweeper Logic is a logic puzzle based on Minesweeper. In this puzzle, you are given all of the numbers already, but some are fake and do not really tell you the number of mines around that space. You have to mark the ones that are fake with a flag; when you are done the smiley face will get sunglasses, the timer will stop, and every number will have the correct number of flagged squares around it.
Monkey Race screen

Monkey Race

Monkey Race was a game that I made in a camp called Summertech recently for a programming challenge. (I won, of course!) The left player uses the W key to move up and the S key to push the other monkey down; the right player uses the up and down arrows for the same purpose. First to the top (or last to get burned) wins.
NameList screen


NameList is a database program designed to keep track of people's first name, last name, phone number, and e-mail. You should create a blank file, c:\namelist.txt, to store the data in.
Pentris screen


Pentris is a version of Tetris that uses pentominoes instead of tetrominoes. The object, of course, is to amass points by filling up rows.
QuickClick screen


The object of QuickClick is to press the button that says "hit" above it as many times as possible in a minute, thereby getting points.
QuickClick 2 screen

QuickClick 2

QuickClick 2 is almost the same as QuickClick, except that there are fifteen buttons instead of three, and the one you're supposed to click will light up red.
Random Letter Generator screen

Random Letter Generator

Random Letter Generator will generate hundreds of random letters for you. You can choose if you want them to have equal probabilities or if you want them to have real-life probabilities (most e's, then t's, then a's, etc.)
Rotate screen


Rotate is a puzzle game in which you have to rotate the colors on the left to make the pattern on the right. Unfortunately, the reset button brings you back to Level 1 - use it at your own dire risk.
Rotate 2 screen

Rotate 2

Rotate 2 is a different, simpler and easier version of Rotate, where you have a 4x4 grid and rotate 2x2 blocks. It is pretty easy.
Rotate 3 screen

Rotate 3

In Rotate 3, you still have a 4x4 grid, but you rotate 3x3 rings. Fortunately, you can select your level from a dropdown menu; it is very difficult to beat the levels as they require much thought. E-mail me if you want the Rotate 3 Solver program.
ShapeChoose screen


In ShapeChoose, you can draw pictures by making circles, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and lines. Check the New Shape checkbox to make new shapes and uncheck it to change the position of the last shape.
Slots Extra screen

Slots Extra

Slots Extra is a rather large program that I made a while ago for my brother. It is, as you may have guessed, a slot machine; however, it is highly unbalanced and, if you bet wisely, you should make a billion dollars in about fifteen minutes.
Snake Game screen

Snake Game

Snake Game is a program that I made at the same camp I made the original Minesweeper at. In this game, you have to grab the white food while avoiding the red walls, you (green), and blue and black obstacles. Not so difficult, but fun.
Snake Game 2 screen

Snake Game 2

Snake Game 2 is a vast improvement over Snake Game in that you can change the board size and the speed of your snake. If you can get 1,000 points on 10x10 at Normal speed, you are a true master.
Super Breakout screen

Super Breakout

Super Breakout is a better version o f breakout than the original Breakout, with better colors and such. You can skip levels with F1 and F2, but I wouldn't recommend it, as it can cause a lot of trouble...

Tag screen


Tag is a game where you try to click a quickly moving and teleporting little numbered box. Good luck clicking it 60 times in a minute...
Tetris screen


Tetris is, of course, tetris, where tetrominoes fall and you try to clear rows by filling them up. Use A and S to turn the pieces, and down to drop them fast. In Hard Mode, different pieces begin to appear after 1,000 points...
Tetris 2 screen

Tetris 2

Tetris 2 is a better version of Tetris in which you can choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard (speed) or Intense (Tetris's Hard Mode).
Text Encrypter 2 screen

Text Encrypter 2

Text Encrypter 2 is a text-encryption device similar to Text Encrypter 3 but is smaller. There are 32 possible characters in Text Encrypter 2.
Text Encrypter 3 screen

Text Encrypter 3

Text Encrypter 3 is a device to encrypt and decrypt text. It is easy to crack in this form, but small change of a certain variable is all that is required for a much more difficult code. There are 127 possible characters in Text Encrypter 3.
Tic-Tac-Toe screen


Tic-Tac-Toe is just a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Each player has their turn to place an O or an X somewhere, and if anyone gets a 3 in a row they get some points.
Ultra Breakout screen

Ultra Breakout

Ultra Breakout is a very buggy and difficult version of a Breakout game with four paddles. If someone knows how they could modify the source code for the game to make it better, e-mail me and I'll send the code to you.
Weather screen


Weather is a program to choose random weather and time of day. The weather can be Rainy, Snowy, Clear, Cloudy, or Armageddon, and the time of day can be Day, Night, or Evening. You can easily pick a random weather and time.
Yahtzee screen


Yahtzee is another old program I made. In Yahtzee, you roll dice and try to get certain combinations of numbers. There are also two cheats that can be found...
Yahtsix screen


Yahtsix is merely an extension of Yahtzee, in which there are six, not five, dice. There are some new categories, but mostly it's the same.