Patterns for the 5x5x5Rubik's Cube

Here, there are a bunch of patterns I've developed for the 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube. If I've picked up a pattern idea from someone else, I'll provide an author and/or link, but, in most cases, the move sequences are my own (and if they aren't I'll provide an author name for that too).

A word on my notation: I use F, U, R, B, D, L for turning one outermost layer, and f, u, r, b, d, l for turning two outermost layers (NOT just the second one, but the first as well). This is because the way that I make move sequences heavily relies on moving both the second and first layers of a side at the same time, and the move sequences would become hard to read and unweildy if I had to keep writing (Rr)-style moves.

Each move sequences is a series of smaller move sequences which do specific things (a setup move for a commutator, a three-cycle, a 3x3x3 pattern, a center turning algorithm, etc.), which you must perform in sequence to get the pattern.

Thanks to Jaap for the useful center-turning sequences...