MultiBLD UWR Listing

This list contains the best times I know of for multiple blindfold solving (multiBLD). This is where the solver has a bunch of scrambled Rubik's cubes (3x3x3s), and memorizes all of their positions, dons the blindfold, and then solves them all without looking at the cubes again. The time includes both the memorization time and the solving time. If you have a time to add to this list, please let me know!

I've only kept track of the top 3 records for each number of cubes; each person can only count towards one of the records. The time (to as much accuracy as I know) is given along with the solver's name. If a time is red and in italics, it means that that record is slower than the same-rank record for a higher number of cubes, so it should be easily beaten if someone fast wants to try it. The table is colored according to how fast a particular attempt is, by the time per cube in 30-second increments rounded down. From blue to red, the colors mean sub-1, sub-1:30, sub-2, sub-2:30, sub-3, sub-4, sub-5, sub-6, and sup-6. White means that there is no time at all in this category.

I decided to add some attempts that were not 100% successful, but only if nobody has succeeded in that number of cubes. Those attempts are in grey.

Don't forget: a sucessful multiBLD attempt for over 10 cubes, no matter the time, is very impressive and deserves a lot of respect! Just because a time is listed in red does not mean it is not a serious accomplishment.

Last updated: 2018-01-14