Vital Stats

Age: 666 Ms (as of 2011.02.16)
Mass: 57 kg ± 2 kg
Height: 1.70 m
Temperature: 310 K
Luminous intensity: 0 cd
Angle: 6.3 rad
Capacitance: 75 pF ± 25 pF

Type: Organism (C-based)
Species: Homo sapiens
Subspecies: sapiens
Location: Earth
Identity: Michael Zener Riggs Gottlieb
Chronological Alii: MikeyZRG, MZRG, qqwref

Interests: Rubik's Cubes, minesweeper, juggling, rhythm games, all kinds of math, engineering, programming, video games, sculpture, drawing, origami, speed runs, surfing the web, reading, learning, etymology, linguistics, records/statistics
Method of Communication: English, French, Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TI-Basic, LaTeX