I'm the Weakest Link

OK... Basically everyone has a links page nowadays. Some are small, some are large (even excessively so). Generally, link pages just have a lot of links to web sites that the webmaster likes to go to. If you have too many links, you run a serious danger of having links to places that don't exist or that really aren't very good.

So I'm making a compromise. I'm not going to list the huge number of favorites I have, but I am going to try to have a significant number of links here, organized into categories. The idea is that if a link goes on this page that web site is better than mine in one of three ways: (1) it has a huge amount of data or stuff, of which I don't have the time to amass (this includes reference works); (2) it contains great things that I do not have and am not likely to have (possibly because of copyright); or (3) it is a useful/fun/important/interesting page that you should know about.