Juggling Tricks and Moves

So you want to learn some new stuff and impress your friends? It's not so easy as all that. While a few of these tricks shouldn't pose you any difficulty, most of them are more difficult, and some are so fiendish that unless you practice for hours each day you won't even be able to get the pattern looking nice.

That's why there's a difficulty rating. Find your trick and it will have a rating, which starts at 2 and goes up from there. That's basically how many balls it's like juggling. It's logarithmic, though, so if it takes you a day to learn a difficulty 3 and a week to learn a difficulty 4 it's likely to take you a month and a half to learn a difficulty 5. Keep in mind that these tricks are sorted by difficulty. Nothing's in here that I wouldn't try, i.e. no difficulty 8's, but unless you're better than me this listing ought to go high enough. Note that these are more or less my opinions; you're welcome to try to change them.

Remember, when you're juggling you want to be learning about five tricks (or more) at once. If you are learning too few tricks, you'll get bored of them, and your juggling motivation will plummet. That's bad. So you want to find a few interesting and different tricks to do at a time.