The Minesweeper Board Museum

Welcome to the Minesweeper Board Museum! This site shows off several dozen important, unique, or interesting Minesweeper boards. The "exhibits" are listed at the top of the page. Except for the Dreamboard pages, if I haven't made a board, the creator or player is given credit below it.

All boards have a picture, and by clicking on the picture, you can also download the .mbf file. This is a Minesweeper Board File that can be opened by Arbiter - used for the official high score list, and supporting ZiNi - or the older Minesweeper Clone.

Some notes on terminology: The three official board sizes are Beginner (8x8 with 10 mines), Intermediate (16x16 with 40 mines), and Expert (16x30 with 99 mines). A square either has a mine, or is safe. 3BV is the minimum number of left mouse clicks a board can be completed in without marking any flags, which generally provides a good idea of how long a board will take to complete. For more information on any of this, or official leaderboards, check out

If you have any ideas for interesting new boards, or any boards that are better than the ones listed here, please send them to my email at You can experiment with different boards using a program I wrote, which you can find at Have fun!