Here are the sims I have released. They are self-executing .jar files, do NOT try to unzip them because it won't do anything useful.
IsoCubeSim (version 2.0) - the original, does cuboids
IsoSupercubeSim - supercube version (all pieces have only one solved location)
IsoILLusionSim - simulates the V-cube "ILLusion" puzzle on odd NxNxN cubes, don't try the evens
CircleCubeSim - simulates a version of the odd Circle Cube puzzles, try to imagine the outer layer as the 'shell' and the rest as centers
IsoMinxSim - megaminx, gigaminx, etc; supports keyboard and mouse control but mouse is a bit iffy

in general use s to scramble, r to restore, and +/- to change size... although minxsim has space to scramble and escape to restore because of the keyboard controls