Suzie, She Sells Sushi

Suzie, She Sells Sushi is an alliterative poem I wrote back in 6th grade. Some people like it, and I suppose some don't. Please, though, don't expect it to be insightful, philosophical, or perfect.

     Suzie, she sells sushi;
     She sells it by the set.
     Suzie, she sells sushi
     But she feeds it to her pet.

     Sally too sells sushi;
     Sally sells it all.
     Sally too sells sushi;
     Sally's in a stall.

     Suzie's sold her sushi
     For seventy-seven years;
     Sally's sold her sushi
     To seven of her peers.

     And they sell their sushi,
     They sell it very well;
     Suzie's sushi's scrumptious,
     But Sally's sushi smells.