Gottlieb's Collegiate Dictionary

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collegiate1: adj.   (kə-lē'-jĭt, -jē-ĭt)   /kulEdZiD, -dZEiD/

1. Of, relating to, pertaining to, comprising, involving, belonging to, appropriate to, being, of the nature of, consituted as, said of, having the form of, or held to resemble a college, including its students and their pursuits

2. Of, for, resembling, belonging to, pertaining to, or typical of college students

3. Of or relating to a collegiate church

4. Intended for use in a college or by college students

5. Religious Having a chapter of canons, with or without a dean

6. Religious Administered under the joint pastorate of several ministers; characterized by equal sharing of authority especially by Roman Catholic bishops

7. (usu. collegial) Marked by power or authority vested equally in each of a number of colleagues

8. Marked by camaraderie among colleagues

9. Consisting of separate university colleges; formed of colleges

10. Instituted in the manner of a collage

(From Middle English collegiat, from Late Latin collēgiātus, from Latin collēgium, association, fellowship)

collegiate2: n.

1. A member of a college

2. Canadian (collegiate institute) A fully accredited high school teaching academic subjects under the supervision of a provincial government

(From mediæval Latin collēgiātus, member of a college, from Latin collēgium)